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Callaway Performance Centers

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The Callaway team is pleased to announce the establishment of Callaway Performance Centers, located at its Old Lyme Connecticut and Santa Ana California factories.

Now individual Callaway Performance Products and other premium performance parts can be installed on all Corvettes and other cars and trucks. The same factory technicians that build complete Callaway vehicles can work on your vehicle. Now you don't have to buy the complete Callaway package to get Callaway quality and performance.

Callaway Performance Centers offer maintenance, repair and upgrade services for:
- all 1987-up Corvettes
- all 1993-up Camaros
- all 2007-up Chevrolet and GMC Trucks
- other performance car and truck makes and models
- 1987-1991 Twin Turbo Corvettes
- 1992-2004 Callaway SuperNatural Corvettes, Camaros and Impalas
- 1997-2013 Callaway C12 and C16
- 2005-2013 Callaway cars and trucks
- MAZDASPEED Protegés (w/OE Callaway turbocharger systems)

Call 860 434 9002 for more information and to schedule your appointment.


Callaway Performance Center Locations
East - Callaway Cars, 3 High Street, Old Lyme CT
West - Callaway Cars, 2441 Pullman Street, Santa Ana CA

Callaway Performance Center services include:

Performance Tuning

Product Installation
- Superchargers and Turbochargers
- Exhaust Systems
- Intake Systems
- Camshafts and Valvetrain
- Transmissions
- Roll Bars
- Racing Seats and Harnesses
- Racing Fuel Cells
- Racing Fire Extinguisher Systems

Performance Upgrades
- Cooling Systems
- Chassis and Suspension Systems
- Brake Systems
- Wheels & Tires
- Gear Set and Differential Housing

Racing Services
- Race Car Construction
- Track Day Set Up
- Driver Coaching
- Road Course Testing
- Drag Strip Testing

East Callaway Performance Center (CT) Specialties:
Custom CNC Machining Services
Custom Engine Building -
- Cylinder Block Line Boring/Honing
- Cylinder Boring/Honing
- Cylinder Sleeve Installation
- Block and Head Surfacing
- Cylinder Head Machining
- Computerized Engine Balancing
- Magnaflux Service
- Engine Dynamometer Testing
- Flowbench Testing
- Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning

West Callaway Performance Center (CA) Specialties:
Build-to-print part production services for carbon composites

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