3 Tesla Execs Dead In Palo Alto Plane Crash

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3 Tesla Execs Dead In Palo Alto Plane Crash

Post by Luigi » Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:37 am

Yesterday I had the news on in the background as I worked and saw a news item about a small plane crash in Palo Alto, CA; a wealthy neighborhood near my company headquarters. Today I find out a little more about it...

3 Tesla Execs Dead In Palo Alto Plane Crash

A twin-engine Cessna piloted by a Tesla manager crashed into an East Palo Alto neighborhood today killing the pilot and two other Tesla employees on board.


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the plane belonged to Doug Bourn, a senior electrical engineer for Tesla Motors. Although it's unclear whether or not he was on board at the time. As we reported first earlier, two other Tesla employees were in the plane at the time of the crash. Fox Business News reported earlier today Tesla CEO Elon Musk was not on board the plane, and that he's calling this the "worst day in Telsa's history." Later on, he issued a full statement, which can be read here at Wired.

According to Marty Padgett, the editor of The Car Connection, Tesla employees are reportedly "shaken." He also spotted a bus brought to the front of their facility. We initially assumed it was to take shaken employees to a place where they could be consoled, but we're now told the bus had people with name tags milling about around it. We've no idea what that could be about.
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Re: 3 Tesla Execs Dead In Palo Alto Plane Crash

Post by BIGJOHN » Thu Feb 18, 2010 7:13 pm

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