"89 Callaway @ Fall Carlisle Auction

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"89 Callaway @ Fall Carlisle Auction

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Just got back from Fall Carlisle after attending their 1st "Cruise In" (took home a Meguiar's Award) which is open to all makes and models of vehicles and according to Lance Miller will become an anual event both at Spring & Fall Carlisle. Lance also brought out the Speedster for this one.
Anyhow, in the Event Magazine, there where a couple of pages of photos of cars that where to be sold at the auction this year and saw a Black '89 Callaway twin turbo listed.
Just wondering if it sold and if it did what it went for?

http://www.carlisleauctions.com/auc8/ve ... =388&sid=3

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Re: "89 Callaway @ Fall Carlisle Auction

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It was a no sale stopping at a little over $25 if I recall correctly.

The car belongs to a member here if youre interested :jsmile

Ive driven it, and it is f-f-f-faaaaast. :cool

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Re: "89 Callaway @ Fall Carlisle Auction

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That is our Callaway Twin Turbo. I had it listed at the Fall Carlisle Auction however, I pulled the car and am in the process of adding a Callaway AeroBody to the car.
I will not be putting it back in the auction as it was listed. Price is now $45,000 :cool

This is a pic of the body it is receiving:


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