Why Are They Special To You?

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Callaway Chris
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Why Are They Special To You?

Post by Callaway Chris »

What makes your Callaway (or Callaways) special to you?

Why did you buy one? What's your Callaway Story?


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Re: Why Are They Special To You?

Post by GentleBen »

Bought the first one because my Lingenfelter was broken. Bought the second one because I enjoyed the first one so much.

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Re: Why Are They Special To You?

Post by Fletch »

Because they are NOT ordinary. I love the fact that I can go to a show or event and not see another one.

And I appreciate the engineering that goes in to them. Something about power AND longevity that appeals to me, personally.

I was half-way looking around at yellow C6 or C7s when my Callaway popped up on the radar screen locally. I knew I would never come across a yellow C6 4LT 6 speed manual again so I jumped on it.
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Re: Why Are They Special To You?

Post by avcwo »

The are UNIQUE and RARE! Driving one in top condition is a thrill. Even in the modern age, they are scary fast. VERY visceral old school power delivery and great handling. If you have a C4 Callaway, it is VERY, VERY rare you see another at a car show... I also work on my own car (mostly) and love the challenge of keeping them up to spec.
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