Naca duct hood option

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Naca duct hood option

Post by Sspeed »

Hi, first time posting to the forum. I searched the forum and couldnt find a clear answer but did all C4 Callaways (87-89) have the naca duct hoods? If it was an option, would it be noted on the Callaway build sheet?

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Re: Naca duct hood option

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my understanding was that the NACA was for the 1987 model only and it was standard fitment, not an option.

The 1991 had two "blisters" on the hood.

1988, 1989 and 1990 hoods had neither and were plain

This is my opinion from my research.....

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Re: Naca duct hood option

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Your research is correct, although some late 1987 Direct Conversion cars had "flat hoods" and some cars were retrofitted with 1991 blister scoops.

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