Why It Is Worth Considering A Used Car Over New

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Why It Is Worth Considering A Used Car Over New

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With the used car you can find out about the revisions that have affected the make and model you are going to buy. The taxes you have to pay for buying a used car are much lower than for a new car. For a new car you have to pay registration tax, CO2 emissions which can reach up to 15% of the sale price and 21% VAT. The fee for registering a new vehicle is almost double that of the change of ownership. As you can see, buying Best Quality Used Cars has advantages despite not being a new vehicle. Not everything is positive, of course and what we will talk about in another article, but it is important to know that those people who need a car and cannot or do not want to make a large outlay on something that over time loses more and more value, can acquire a good purchase with one of these used vehicles. What do you think about this?

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Re: Why It Is Worth Considering A Used Car Over New

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Welcome to the site. Sounds like in your country, lots of taxes. Yikes!

I tend to buy pre-owned vehicles, as one can get a lot more for their money. That, and for the taxes we do pay in the USA, they are less on the lower sale price, as you mention.

You mentioned "articles". Do you have some to publish here, or?

Again, welcome.

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