***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

Discussion of Corvette based Callaway Cars including: (B2K) Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes (C4); Callaway SuperNatural Corvettes (CL-1/CR-1); Callaway C12; Supercharged Corvettes; Callaway C16; 6th Generation Callaway Corvettes (SC560, SC580, SC606, SC616, SC620, SC652); and 7th Generation Callaway Corvettes (SC627/SC757) - and more!
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***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

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Past Threads can be found by searching the forum. :hi

Fellow Callaway Owners & Enthusiasts,

In an effort to somewhat consolidate and keep "for sale" listings easy to follow, a few Callaway Owners and I sat down and did a little brainstorming - here's what we're going to try...

Every Year, a NEW THREAD will be opened by a Moderator or Administrator of this site. ANY and ALL Callaway-related ads can be posted in the thread. This will replace the previous thread, and the Callaway Owners Group Marketplace.

This will be the thread for any and all Callaway Car "For Sale" type of posts - feel free to post here, any cars, or ads of cars for sale including links, E-bay auctions, etc. (threads posted otherwise, will be merged into this one...)

***** For those who would like to just post an ad: Please sign-up as a member by creating an account (you will need a user name/password), then post your ad in accordance with the site instructions. *****

When posting your vehicle in this thread, you must state your asking price. The ONLY EXCEPTION to this, is if the car is currently listed in an auction site/service

Any comments about the prices or conditions in relation to value should be in a SEPARATE THREAD and in line with what is generally considered proper etiquette when it comes to an ethical business dealing - Bottom line, unless you have gone and looked, driven, or know the history of a certain car, please do not make any disparaging remarks.

Again, if there are specific questions on a car, it is best to form a thread asking your questions, just to keep the listings page fairly uncluttered - comments / other posts, WILL BE moved or deleted at the sole discretion of site mgmt.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to drop me a note - Thanks,
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Re: ***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

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Rare Opportunity to own one of the very few Callaway SuperNatural CR-1 Editions has presented itself, and we are pleased to share the details here:

This car is one of only two CR-1 editions known as "Full Boat" cars, or cars which received EVERYTHING Callaway Cars had to offer. Featured extensively in many magazines over the years, this is one of the finest examples of a Callaway Corvette one could buy. No excuses on this car. Car is located in NYC Area in private collection.

email: turbo_2xs (at) hotmail.com for inquiries

Price REDUCED from $89k to $80,000


BLOCK Cast aluminum
HEADS LT5 cast-aluminum (fully ported with reconfigured combustion chambers, modified valve seats, Callaway valvesprings, and titanium retainers)
VALVES 1.54/1.38
CAMSHAFTS Four Callaway overhead roller (252/252-deg [primary], 272/252-deg [secondary] timing, 0.390/0.390-in lift)
PISTONS Callaway-spec forged aluminum (custom manufactured by JE)
CRANKSHAFT Callaway-spec forged steel RODS Callaway-spec forged steel (custom manufactured by Carrillo)
INTAKE MANIFOLD Ported LT5 aluminum
THROTTLE BODY Ported factory twin 59mm
FUEL INJECTORS Callaway (increased volume)
EXHAUST SYSTEM Callaway stainless-steel headers and cats, 3-in pipes, and balance tube
TRANSMISSION ZF six-speed manual
CLUTCH Centerforce Dual Friction
FRONT SUSPENSION Callaway doubleadjustable coilovers and HD sway bar
REAR SUSPENSION Callaway doubleadjustable coilovers and HD sway bar
REAREND HD Dana 44 with 4.09 gears
FRONT BRAKES Brembo Indy Billet six-piston (manufactured to Callaway specs)
REAR BRAKES Brembo Indy Billet four-piston (manufactured to Callaway specs)
WHEELS Dymag magnesium; 17x9.5 (front), 17x11 (rear)
FRONT TIRES Bridgestone RE71 275/40ZR17
REAR TIRES Bridgestone RE71 315/35ZR17
WEIGHT 3,500
QUARTER-MILE 12.15 sec at 120 mph (mfr rating) 0-60 4.1 sec (mfr rating)

Callaway Supernatural CR-1 Options
Callaway Aerobody
Spies Hecker paint
LT5 Engine Performance Package:
-Blueprinted assembly
-Forged crank, rods, and pistons
-Special Callaway-grind cams
-Special Callaway head assemblies
-Ported intake and high-flow induction
-Special engine-management computer chip
Centerforce clutch with lightweight single-mass flywheel
Callaway header/cat exhaust system with straight-through center exhaust
Dymag magnesium wheels
Bridgestone RE71 tires
Callaway coilover suspension, dual-adjustable
HD front and rear sway bars
Brembo Billet Indy Brakes (front and rear)
Connolly full-wrapped interior with Wilton rugs
Four-point leather-wrapped rollbar

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Re: ***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

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SOLD for $38,000

https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1983- ... KE68GM6Yhw

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Re: ***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

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This very special and unique 1996 Callaway Grand Sport is available for sale.

1 of 1 built with the AeroBody, I know someone was asking about buying this car before, and it's available now, from a private collection.

Here's the video overview. Inquires welcomed.

Mileage ~39,000

Priced at $85,000 or serious offers

Recent clutch (less than 100 miles ago), paint correction, needs nothing but a new owner :hi

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Re: ***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

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Super nice '93 SNAT 400 on BAT right now: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1993- ... rvette-41/

89 CTTC #027 (Black/Black Aerobody Coupe)
90 ZR-1 #2547 (Turquoise Metallic/Black)
92 SNAT 400 (Polo Green/Beige Convertible)
95 SNAT 450 (Black/Black Aerobody Coupe)
91 ZR-1 #1231 (Arctic White/Saddle) - SOLD
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Re: ***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

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1993 Callaway SuperNatural™ 425 Corvette Convertible #001
Price: $44,900


Offered for sale, is our 1993 Callaway SuperNatural™ 425 Corvette Convertible. This car is in a word, amazing!

One of two, 40th Anniversary Corvette convertibles drop-shipped from the Corvette assembly plant to Callaway in Connecticut, this car is serial #93-001. Yes, that is right, the very first of the 1993 Callaways and #001 of the two identical cars built that year, which became known as the “Texas Twins”.

Built by a Texas Oil Pioneer, he and his business partner wanted the very best Callaway had to offer as convertibles and each purchased one – they began by ordering their 40th Anniversary Corvettes with EVERY OPTION. I verified this with Keith Boi from the 40th Registry who told me that our car had ALL Corvette options for a convertible!

This car is a rare car to begin with, made even more rare by the fact it is a Callaway Corvette – and serial #001, at that!

From Chevrolet, our car was equipped with the triple-ruby 40th Anniversary option. From there, it had the following:
• Optional factory hardtop
• Optional FX3 Adjustable Suspension
• Six-Speed Manual Transmission
• …and so much more!

From Callaway, it had the following:

• SuperNatural™ 425 Engine Option (383 cubic inch displacement)
• Optl. Callaway AeroBody™
• Otpl. Center Exit Exhaust
• Optl. Bridgestone Runflat Wheel/Tire Package
• Optl. Coilover Suspension

Subsequently, I added a pair of Callaway chrome valve covers (rare!) as a gift from my wife. She also purchased a matching ruby red flannel car cover, embroidered with Callaway 425. We also asked Callaway Cars to make a throttle body plate with SuperNatural™ 425 identified. They did make this special plate for us – it is installed on the car.

This car has been well cared for and always garaged. We are the second owners of this car, as the title was still in the name of the oil business when we purchased this automobile in the fall of 2002.

We have personally owned four Callaways and have enjoyed this one very much. It is also owned by the Founding Director of the Callaway Owners Group, recognizing the significance of this car.

A few of the highlights of this car are as follows:

• Displayed as a part of the 20-years of Callaway Corvettes exhibit at the National Corvette Museum (2007).
• Displayed as a part of the Bloomington Gold Special Collection XX (2004 invitational) Eligible for the Bloomington Gold Hall of Fame.
• Selected as a Corvettes at Carlisle Celebrity Pick (2003, by Keith Boi, Founder of the 40th Registry)
• Feature car, Corvette Quarterly Magazine (when the car was first built, Chevrolet’s official publication followed the Texas Twins home from Connecticut).
• Feature car, Vette Magazine (car was reviewed by the magazine in an extensive article).
• Feature car, Corvette Enthusiast Magazine (car was reviewed by the magazine in an extensive article).
• Feature car, Corvette Enthusiast Magazine (a part of “Son of Sledge, and the King” article)

We have put approximately 10,000 miles on the car since purchasing it in 2002. Most of these miles are to and from auto events however, several trips were made in an enclosed car hauler. When the car isn’t driven, it is garaged and covered, on a battery tender. The registration and inspection are both current. The car currently has approximately 65,000 miles.

The dash plaque indicates “001” and “425” which is something Reeves Callaway did special for this car when built and not seen ony any other Callaway SuperNatural™ vehicles that I can recall…

A few years ago, we replaced the clutch assembly (at Callaway) and had other minor maintenance performed. This was done at the Old Lyme, CT facility in the fall of 2007.

We replaced the Coil Over Suspension Bushings in July 2020 which were bought directly from Callaway Cars.

This car is a piece of Callaway and Corvette history and should be considered a collectible vehicle and a part of any serious Corvette collection. This is a rare chance to own such a car and may be your opportunity to add an amazing Callaway to your collection!

I am sure to have left out a few details and would be delighted to speak more about this car to any prospective buyer. Please contact for further details or additional information about this fine automobile.

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Re: ***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

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Another '93 SNAT on Bring A Trailer - also with BFG Runflats
https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1993- ... 2020-07-25

2012 Callaway B2K
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Re: ***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

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Re: ***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

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Callaway C16 from BAT, now on eBay:
https://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-Chevrolet ... Sw7wVfMthD
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Re: ***** CALLAWAY Vehicles For Sale **** 2020 Listings*****

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Here's one that popped up in my Autotrader search. 2018 Z06 Carbon SC757.

https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sal ... RTSEMLSRCH
2013 Callaway SC606, 4LT, M6
Velocity Yellow Tintcoat
New to me Nov 2018 w/ 9k miles