Sourcing replacement ECM

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Sourcing replacement ECM

Post by Loudoun_Prime »

Hi all, I am told by my Mechanic that I need a new ECM for my 87 B2K. I thought I found a used one on eBay but the seller refunded the money and said the one they had was broken. Any ideas out there where to find one, or if there is a company that fixes them? Or many there’s a more modern way to control the engine? Thanks all in advance!

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Re: Sourcing replacement ECM

Post by undercover »

The ECM is standard '86-'89 corvette ECM with a custom prom in it. From your pm, though, I don't think the ECM is your problem.

There are many aftermarket engine control systems that will work with your Callaway, but all of them I've seen result in the loss of the info display (trip computer, etc.).
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Re: Sourcing replacement ECM

Post by puzzigully »

I picked up one for my 87 from O'riellys (I think)
You need to change the PROM though

I'm thinking it's unlikely to be the ECM (it wasn't in my case either)
Better to properly diagnose the problem first - why does your mechanic think its your ECM?

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