Callaway Owners and Enthusiasts, Please Take a Moment to Read:

Discussion of Corvette based Callaway Cars including: 1987-1991 RPO B2K Callaway Twin Turbo Corvettes (C4); Callaway SuperNatural Corvettes (CL-1/CR-1); Callaway C12; Supercharged Corvettes; Callaway C16; 6th Generation Callaway Corvettes (SC560, SC580, SC606, SC616, SC620, SC652); 7th Generation Callaway Corvettes (SC627/SC757); NEW Callaway C8 Corvettes - and more!
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Callaway Chris
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Callaway Owners and Enthusiasts, Please Take a Moment to Read:

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Callaway Owners and Enthusiasts:

I'd like to send a note of thanks for your membership of the Callaway Owners Group Forum and to ask for your participation in the Callaway Forums. The Callaway Owners Group exists solely for the benefit of owners, helping with the overall experience and enjoyment of these vehicles.

As a Callaway vehicle owner myself, I remember creating the Callaway Owners Group in 2001 with a couple other owners who shared the vision of greater awareness of the cars which at the time, had largely faded from the limelight. Together, we brought the Callaway brand back into the spotlight through not only the forums, but through events and through the camaraderie of ownership. In nearly two decades, we've seen growth, but also seen many owner and members come and go.

That said, how do we get your participation and feedback?

Many owners, we have not heard from in years.
- Do you still have your Callaway vehicle(s)?
- What's new?
- What have you been doing with your Callaway(s)?

Please share your stories with us.

There are lots of topics on the Callaway Forums and we welcome your participation. Having trouble logging into the site? Cannot remember your password? Drop us a note: callawayownersgroup (at)

Of the hundreds of members of the site, we want to hear from you. Here's an intro thread, how to navigate, and a few other tips/tidbits: ... 876#p23876

Thank you for checking out what's new on the Callaway Owners Group Forums, and for your participation.
As always, if you have ideas, feedback, or anything else to share, please post - and be sure to check back to the forums throughout the month of November for Callaway news and announcements. See you online!

Thank you
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