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Re: Forum newbies.... Welcome!

Post by Spike1 »

Hello, all. As of yesterday I am an owner of a 2012 Calloway Grand Sport Centennial Edition Convertible. I got it from Chicago Motor Cars, and they were fantastic. It was snowing when I got it, but made the 400 mile trip home without any issue. I am excited about the car, and look forward to learning from many of you.
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Re: Forum newbies.... Welcome!

Post by Dakota Aero »

welcome your car is gorgeous!
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Re: Forum newbies.... Welcome!

Post by Rocky Agusta »

Many grettings from Italy.
After 25 years the unique Callaway LM GT2 built by Granturismo will come on the track.
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Re: Forum newbies.... Welcome!

Post by RareB2k »

I am very happy to say I have acquired #3 of 25 built of the 25th Anniversary Callaway. It only has 1,233 miles so it is practically brand new. The drive is beyond impressive with 620hp and 555torque. I added the vanity plate “RARE B2k”. The level of documentation received with the vehicle is very impressive, capturing history, design features and rational for the development of these very rare limited edition Chevrolet and Callaway created Corvettes.
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Re: Forum newbies.... Welcome!

Post by Jeroenvgfn »

Super cool B2K :cool
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