My Corvette Life: 1990 Callaway Twin Turbo Project

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Re: My Corvette Life: 1990 Callaway Twin Turbo Project

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Good video today.

Callaway is on the Corvette Monroney, as you can see in the lower left, dealer delivered... And you mention on the build sheet, too.

1990 and 1991 cars got CALLAWAY Window stickers, not a 2nd sticker. :thumbs

Also, your car came with the blue transparent top, only. Not RPO C2L, dual roof panels. It would've been $915 as an option. :hi

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Re: My Corvette Life: 1990 Callaway Twin Turbo Project

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Was wondering where you went/what happened, or if we should send a search party. Looks like you have encountered the fun of needing specialist tools, which some you have to fab from box-end wrenches, etc. Good times. :thumbs

Please keep us posted on what it costs to rebuild turbos and if the bearings are truly available. Good call on sending them to Rotomaster, and lucky for you, only TWO miles away :thumbs

Previous Owner wrote:Car Specs: 1990 Callaway Twin Turbo AeroBody #34,100hp NOS, GS brakes and cross drilled rotors, Brey-Krause bar,5 pt harnesses, stage3 clutch, dual exhaust/no mufflers, complete MSD 6+ ignition
Previous Owner wrote:My Callaways are doing great! We have moved to central Texas for the winters and I brought my '90 TT Aerobody, '04 SRT10 ram and 71 chevelle down to the land of 'high air density'.
We got down here last year in October, just in time to catch the 'Texas Mile' and I entered the Callaway.
With a tech session which required me to borrow a bungy cord to strap the battery down, I was on the runway blasting full speed at full boost. There were some technical difficulties with the timing lights on the Sunday so my first run on motor/boost only, was not recorded. The car ran clean, smooth and at 54 inhg of boost.
"Speaking of CO2 cooling"
While I waited(for an hour) for my second run with boost and a small shot of nitrous I got In Good with the Subaru club who told me to stop by their booth and get some dry ice for the intercoolers. They showed me how they chipped a 3" thick block of solid CO2 off around the corners and mounted it on top of the intercooler of their Wrxs and Imprezas.
On my second run I launced and once into 2nd gear armed the nitrous. I ran the whole mile pushing 60inhg with an air/fuel ratio just a little lean for my liking for nitrous. It was recorded at 167.079mph. The car felt solid and stable all the way down the track with no brake fade at the end.
I then went to meet up with the Subaru guys who set me up with the dry ice blocks. I used a wrench to chip the edges off to where the hood would close around them and waited for a few minutes for my 3rd run.
Run 3, consisted of me realizing that 12lb of boost, 100hp shot of nitrous and intercoolers chilled to -109 degrees F, that there is no way that my expensive kevlar clutch (which has given me problems from day 1) will not hold. By 3rd gear the motor starts revving, the clutch is slipping, there is nothing to do but ride it easy down the mile and hang my head.
I was 8mph away from getting kicked off the track for my cars maximum speed (175mph) without a roll bar. The timing lights were again malfunctioning so no speed recorded for me(slow anyway).
My 167mph run put me at 31st position for the event, which is in the range of Vipers(with exhaust/intake mods) and many of the larger displacement super bikes.
I believe that with a newer clutch and a little more fuel enrichment(maybe some propane) that I can hit the magic 175mph mark in the 5280foot run.
This event is held twice a year and is a great time, with unlimited runs over a 2 day period and a lot of very cool fast vehicles.

One of the biggest things I learned running the standing mile is that after the first 1/2 mile nothing happens fast but the second half. Pulling in 6th gear is long and tedious and once you are at 140-150mph(about 1/2mile) the car does not accelerate like it does in the first half. At those speeds the second half is a blink but the way the car is pulling it feels like forever!

I didn't get any personal pictures but there may soon be event picturex with the aerobody on their site.
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Re: My Corvette Life: 1990 Callaway Twin Turbo Project

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Where are the next videos? :sclock

Corvette Life, are you going to pull the whole engine and take a look at things, or will you take a look at compression and leak down prior to disassembly? :wtf

Can you outline what we can expect? I like a TV guide to see what's on the next episodes, so it would be appreciated if you would :beer
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Re: My Corvette Life: 1990 Callaway Twin Turbo Project

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He hasn't logged into this board in a month....doubt you'll get a response.
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Re: My Corvette Life: 1990 Callaway Twin Turbo Project

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Another video has been added to the process of sorting this Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette. This one is about painting the manifolds after media blasting them. The videos do seem to have slowed down from him, so hopefully that give him time to check-in with us and share the progress firsthand.

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