Looking to do a video of a C4 Callaway

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Looking to do a video of a C4 Callaway

Post by DtRockstar1 »

Hello everyone,

I was kindly given permission to use this forum to seek out a C4 Callaway owner who is interested in doing a video shoot with their car.

I live in Southeast Michigan, and am willing to drive a reasonable distance to do a video. I blur out peoples' plates and faces in the even of spirited driving. The owner of the car would be doing the driving, not me.

One thing I do is hook up a few cameras to the car, as well as a microphone next to the exhaust to record the sound. I haven't decided yet whether I want to talk about the car in a Callaway video, but it's possible.

Here is a sample of my work with a C4 ZR-1 to give you an idea what I am looking to do:


Thank you very much for your time, and I hope to work with you soon!


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Re: Looking to do a video of a C4 Callaway

Post by SurfnSun »

Very cool Chris! This is a great opportunity for a B2k owner.
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Re: Looking to do a video of a C4 Callaway

Post by callaway4fun »

I would do it if it were in NY.
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