Well That made my DAY!

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Well That made my DAY!

Post by Mikebmab »

Driving home last night, I noticed a White C8 Corvette pull up right next to me, and at first I assumed it was another race me attempt.
But this guy motioned me to roll down the window, and when I did he sad boldly, " Man that's a Bad Ass Corvette you've got, this is my first corvette"...
to which I responded "what a great one to start off the love affair with, she's beautiful"...
He said "I'm not familiar with Callaway, But I Love the looks, and its got huge brakes on it, man its just so BadAss". I briefly explained the Callaway Version to him while now setting at a stop light. needless to say he made my day!

I Love My Callaway.....
is that wrong? Lord I hope not... I'm having too much fun!

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Re: Well That made my DAY!

Post by Dakota Aero »

Made my day as well, thanks for sharing !

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Re: Well That made my DAY!

Post by Jeroenvgfn »

Cool story , this is The Heartbeat of Corvette :cool
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Re: Well That made my DAY!

Post by SurfnSun »

Thats a cool story!! I had a Tesla owner ask me similar recently after we exhibited some spirited acceleration together :jsmile
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